Skiver Advertising moved offices last year to accompany our growing staff and to get a little closer to the Pacific. We’re now smack dab in the middle of Lido village, right across from the Lido Theater and walking distance from some amazing restaurants and watering holes like Bear Flag Fish Co, Rudy’s Pub and Grill, Crow Burger and Mutt Lynch’s. The overall attitude in the neighborhood is relaxed, but motivated. Friendly, yet confident. It fits right into our agency philosophy. Don’t overcomplicate things and do what you do well.

Snuggled up against Newport Harbor, Lido is home to many things boat-related. Boat sales. Boat repair. Boat rentals. And while we may not be master yachtsmen, we do know how to navigate the rough waters of marketing and the ever-shifting tides of technology. And seeing as I just used up my allotment of ocean-related clichés in one sentence, I will refrain from any pirate references and just say that we like to do things a little differently. We’ve done our time at the global agencies. We’ve seen the arrogance. We’ve witnessed the failure-by-committee. We have the experience to lead and aren’t afraid to jump into uncharted waters. Ah @#$%!, that one was unintentional. Point is, we’re happy in our new location by the sea, and looking forward to a bright future. Cheers.