Now that the endless barrage of midterm political commercials are over, I’ve been thinking. Can regular, respectable businesses take a cue from these hucksters? Maybe Pepsi should start throwing some good old-fashioned fear and negativity Coke’s way. Pepsi’s logo is red, white and blue. As it should be. Coke? That’s a lot of red, comrade. Allstate could fire some shots across Geiko’s bow. A gecko? We get it. It sort of sounds like Geiko. But you know what would have been better? An eagle. Or an eagle eating a gecko. And what’s with the accent? Why do you hate America, Geiko? Bud and Miller could get in on the act as well. Two words: Adolph Coors. Sure, we could talk about the benefits of our products and services. We could focus on the positive and come up with “solutions.” I’m sure there’s a royalty-free version of Kumbaya we could all use for the music track too. That reminds me, open source software? That sounds a lot like Socialism to me. I’m looking at you, Google.