It’s Valentine’s Day. A time for love, romance and last minute trips to the florist. Pro-tip: Don’t buy carnations. Trust me on that one. And while you’re driving around, racking your brain over what else to get your sweetie, think about what you’ve done for your brand lately.

Your brand needs love too. It needs attention. You need to listen to it and what other people say about it. You need to treat it special. And not just on holidays. Buy it a TV spot to show it how much you love it. If it’s not that type of brand, create some social media content so it can interact with the world. Give your brand a voice, a consistent voice, and let it express itself often. Let it scream. Let it whisper in someone’s ear. Let it have some fun and show everybody how amazing it is. Because if you don’t show it some love, nobody else will either.