Nothing ruins a good idea faster than bad execution. Happens all the time. It’s tragic. We know the idea is king. We talk about it all the time. It’s burned into the young minds of ad students across the land. Concept, concept, concept. And for good reason. Without an idea, you’re just another pretty face. Nice to look at, but not that original or memorable.

But on the flip side, if it looks like crap, you have failed. Yes, the idea is king. But I see a lot of whippersnappers who give short shrift to the art of execution. Take a step back and pick it apart like you do other people’s work. Kern that mother. Hand-render the type. Send the producer back for more casting auditions. Give it looks, brains and personality. And then turn it into a real woman like those two dudes in Weird Science. That would be awesome.