Salary Range: $80k – 90k (Based on Experience)

Heavy design work on fast turnarounds for all our clients, with an emphasis on fast food. Projects range from digital ads, e-blasts, POP, social content and TV/Video graphics. We’re looking for someone who loves to put on the headphones and crank out great designs, and is able to see projects through without any handholding. When it comes to the big, fun integrated campaigns, all ideas are welcome and everybody pitches in, but there is a steady flow of day-to-day work that needs just as much attention.

You need to be seasoned enough to understand the detailed specs of projects, know what questions to ask when more information is needed, and see the project through to completion. Design skills and knowledge of the Adobe Suite is a must. As is a good attitude. We’ve all been doing this long enough and we know there will be revisions. There will be eod turnarounds. But we handle our business, move on and laugh about it later over a beer. Or a taco. Or both.

This is a boutique agency with great clients and a solid group of down to earth people who are good at what they do.


Who Is Skiver?

Skiver is a full-service ad agency in Costa Mesa, CA. Nimble and creative, we’ve had the fortune to partner with some amazing brands. We just added one more to the list, so we’re looking for some people to round out the team. We pride ourselves on being uncomplicated. In how we work. How we communicate. How we execute. It makes things a lot easier for everyone involved. But as we say, easy is hard. It takes a team of multitalented players with the experience and attitude to get stuff done and get it done well.