I’m sure you’ve been asked if you’re going to buy the new iPhone that was just announced. It promises to be faster, lighter, with a better camera, better battery life and runs on the tears of a unicorn. But I’m asking myself do I really need one? Or am I just being sucked into the new technology frenzy when my phone is *gasp* a year old. Cell phones have become a symbol of who you are and are directly proportional to your level of awesomeness.

Would you want to be the only one in your office without the shiniest new iPhone? Somehow you feel a little inferior sitting next to your co-worker in a meeting as he nonchalantly sets his new iPhone on the conference table. And of course he’ll hold off on buying a protective case for his new toy that he’s constantly working on. And yes, Words with Friends counts as work. But go ahead, pull out that dinosaur and fax someone an 8-track. When did you buy that thing? In January?

Apple does a great job of making us feel badly about having old technology. Advertising works. I guess I’ll be sucked in as well. But I’m not going to wait in line on the first day with the rest of the cool kids. I’m going to go on the 2nd day to prove a point.

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